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Catalogue Internatinal Painting Plein Air Karczowka 2011, Poland

Catalogue, Internatinal Painting Plein Air 2012, Karczowka / Poland

Karo Mast : Germany


She was born in 1978 in Engelskirchen / Cologne, Germany. In 1998 – 2004 she studied Art at the Alanus University of Arts and Social Science, Alfter ( Prof. Andreas Reichel ), and 2004 studied at Ecole Nationale des Arts, Dakar / Senegal. Karo Mast is the winner of plenty abroad scholarships and awards, among others in: Germany, Senegal and Russia.

Since 2001 she organized and took part in plenty of artistic projects all around the world, among others in France, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Kroatia, Greece, Czech Republic, India, USA, Guatemala, Ecuador, Senegal and Tunesia. She´s the author of solo exhibitions in Museo de Arte Moderno, Cuenca ( Ecuador ), Industrie Museum Leverkusen ( Germany ), Mistura Fina – German Brazilian Center, Bonn ( Germany ) Gallery Wolf / Mailand ( Italy ) and others.

Author: Artur Bartkiewicz, Curator BWA Ostrowiec, Poland

Catalogue,Karo Mast / Sopa- The Leguanproject, Musem of Modern Art / Casa de Las Posadas, Cuenca Ecuador 2011

Catalogue, Karo Mast - Sopa -The Leguanproject, Museo de Arte Moderno / Casa de las Posadas, Cuenca / Ecuador, 2011

Text catalogue : No sky, no earth - Snow falls ceaselessly / Karo Mast - The Leguan Project,

Tunis / Tunesia


 by Christine Bruckbauer, Austria


The videowork Sopa - The Leguanproject by Karo Mast presents the story of a peculiar species, the Green Iguana.

Originally native to Latin America it is afflicted with several notions of mystical powers and therefore used as a source of traditional medicine.

While in modern South America the scaly and spiny animal with its colorfull shimmering body is still regarded as a culinary delicacy, oddly, in Europe it is gainted great popularityunder pet lovers.

In her 16 minutes long film  Karo Mast interlocks the exorbitant love of animals by Europeans with the Latin American eating habits, which by the end leaves a special taste in the mouth.


Tunis, 2011

Filstill, Sopa -The Leguanproject, 16min., Karo Mast, 2010

International Painting Plein Air, Karczowka / Poland, 2011

International Painting Plein Air

Karczowka, Poland 2011


Robin Dillon - Mahon ( France / Ireland )

Edmund Mucczko ( France / Poland )

Anna Jakupovic ( Germany )

Katharina Sickert ( Germany )

Karo Mast ( Germany )

Franca Vendrame ( Italy )

Pino Bonanno ( Italy )

Anna Klikowicz ( Poland )

Tomasz Kandyba ( Poland )

Artur Bartkiewicz ( Poland )


19th. September - 29th. September 2011


Opening of the Exhibition: 27th September, 6pm

Karczowka Monastry